Sincerely Yours

By Astharte de los Santos, student, Center for Distance Learning

April 24, 2014

Sincerely yours,

I might look another way but I am right by your side lingering like a small child clinging on to his mother.

I am yours and you shouldn't doubt it. When you speak to me every word repeats itself and echoes in my ear like a shout up high in the mountains. Listen to my pounding heart I dare you. You will notice that it skips a beat whenever you come close to me. I learned that in life nothing good is able to last long. And when it does you must keep it, like a plant that relies on you for water. Maybe it was youth that killed us or our pride that ended us but the memory of us I keep close to my heart because when I look up to the sky and I feel God's presence I know you were sent by him to teach me a lesson. I was in denial for a long time and at times I feel like I just still am. But I just want to grasp those moments of utter bliss that you gave me. Those times when you allowed me to have you, to know you. You opened the window to your soul and I saw a frail lost boy that needed to be loved. Then just like that you shut yourself off like the wind slams the door to my heart. Where did you go? Where did you go? I am looking for you when you talk to me but I can't find you? I will wait but until then...

Sincerely yours.

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