Master of Science in Nursing Administration

If you are a registered nurse with a bachelor's degree in nursing (BSN) from a regionally accredited institution with a GPA of 3.0 or above and are looking for an opportunity to earn a graduate degree in nursing, Empire State College's Master of Science in Nursing Administration is a good choice for you.

The M. S. in nursing administration is a 33-credit, online program. The degree will prepare students to assume a broader leadership role in nursing management within a healthcare organization or system-wide enterprise. 

Courses are offered fall, spring and summer terms. See the nursing course information for course descriptions.

Suggested Enrollment Sequence

Term 1

Theoretical Foundations of Nursing Practices – NURS 6005 (3 credits)

Professional Role Development and Ethics – NURS 6010 (3 credits)

Term 2

Nursing Research and Evidence Based Practice – NURS 6015 (3 credits)

Informatics and Health Care Technology - NURS 6025 (3 credits)

Term 3

Contemporary Issues in Health Care – NURS 6020 (3 credits)

Population Health, Human Diversity and Social Issues – NURS 6030 (3 credits)

Term 4

Healthcare Finance and Budgeting – NURS 6065 (3 credits)

Organizational Theory and Human Resource Management – NURS 6070 (3 credits)

Term 5

Innovative Leadership in Healthcare Organizations – NURS 6075 (3 credits)

Graduate level elective (3 credits)

Term 6

Nursing Administration Capstone – NURS 7010 (3 credits)


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