Local Resources and Student Policies

Students have various educational resources available to them at the Rochester office.

  • Students can use the PCs in the Student Resource Center (Room 106C) to produce assignments and do research on the Internet during all hours that the college is open.
  • The Writing Center (Room 104) is open when tutors are available to help with writing assignments. Students may make appointments by signing up in the book at the reception desk or calling 585-224-3200.
  • The SMAT Resource Center (Room 104) is for use by SMAT (Science, Mathematics and Technology) students who need to work with a tutor or do work on special projects. Students may make appointments by signing up in the book at the reception desk or by calling 585-224-3200.
  • There are also a number of local library resources available to aid you in your studies.


  • Students are encouraged to find their textbooks anywhere they like, including on the Internet. The college does, however, have an arrangement with the Lift Bridge Book Shop in Brockport. Books ordered through Lift Bridge are delivered to the Rochester office each Friday and are found on the shelf to the right of the reception desk.
  • Used book exchange bulletin board — is located in the Rochester office reception area. Students may list books they wish to buy or sell.
  • The Lift Bridge Book Shop in Brockport will pay cash for some used texts.

Things you should know when you come to the college

is a list of policies and important details about the Rochester office.

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