Nondegree Study: Opportunities to Take Individual Courses

You can take courses with Empire State College even if you’re not pursuing a degree. Nondegree, or nonmatriculated, study is a great way to:

  • experience or prepare for college-level study
  • stay current in your field
  • earn credit toward a degree at another college or university
  • improve your skills
  • train for employment.

How to Become a Nondegree Student

Nondegree study is possible at all levels of study offered by the college. Review the options below to learn what is available and how to enroll for the kind of nondegree study that interests you.

Before you apply, you may wish to browse the Course Catalog for courses offered across the college in the next year. Or view the Term Guide for courses in specific terms. Please note: course offerings in any term depend on available space and resources.

Associate or Bachelor’s Level

Apply now to be a nondegree undergraduate student at the associate or bachelor’s level. There is no application fee. To register as a nondegree undergraduate student, go to Undergraduate Visiting and Nondegree Lifelong Learning.

Master’s Level

If you already hold a bachelor’s degree from a regionally accredited institution, you may enroll in nondegree study at the master’s level. Visit the Graduate Nondegree Study page to learn more.


Licensed registered nurses are eligible to take nursing courses as a nondegree student. For details, visit the Nursing Nondegree Study page.


  • Courses are available across our areas of study and do carry credits.
  • Courses are available as space and resources allow.
  • Financial aid is not available for nondegree study.

Nondegree courses may be applied later toward a degree at Empire State College, if approved.


We’re here to help.

Even if you’re not pursuing a degree, you can take courses to prepare for college-level study, stay current in your field or improve your job skills.