Using PLA Planner

About PLA Planner

PLA Planner is the software tool used by Empire State College that enables students, working with their primary mentor, to submit their prior learning for evaluation. Evaluators also use PLA Planner to review PLA requests and submit their reports.

Using PLA Planner, students can create PLA requests at their own pace. A PLA request may be completed all at once, or over a course of time.

Students work with their primary mentor throughout developing their PLA requests.

PLA Planner Links

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Log in to PLA Planner at using your ESC user name and password.

If you have not received your ESC username and password, please contact your COAR office.

If you need help while using PLA Planner, click on the Help button in the PLA Home Screen or while in a PLA Request Screen. This will take you to the Empire State College TechInfo Technology Help Desk and Support Services website.

Accepting an Assignment

Prior to reviewing the assignment, you will typically discuss the potential assignment and what to expect with your assessment specialist.

After you have had this discussion, PLA Planner will send an automated email from with a link to the student's PLA request.

  • Login to PLA Planner – You will receive your ESC login and password through an email from
  • Check the request and determine if it is an appropriate assignment for you to assess. At this point, please verify your contact information and adjust if needed.
  • Click "Accept Assignment" at the top of the PLA Request screen for each PLA request assigned to you. This will send an automated email to the student indicating that you have accepted her/his request.
    Shows how to accept an assignment in PLA Planner
  • The student is advised to contact you to schedule an interview and logs into PLA Planner to access your name and contact information that you have provided. If you do not hear from the student within two weeks, you may reach out to set up an appointment. If you do not hear back from the student, please contact the center assessment specialist.
  • If at any point you decide that you cannot complete the evaluation, please contact your Assessment Specialist immediately either through the Evaluator-COAR dialog box in PLA Planner, or by email or phone.

Continuing Assignments

  • Let the center Assessment Specialist know whether you would like to evaluate more PLAs in the future.
  • Make sure the Assessment Specialist knows all of your areas of expertise for potential assignments.
  • When you accept your first assignment, your name and specializations will be entered into a collegewide evaluator database. If you do not want to be available collegewide and only assess learning through your local center, please alert your Assessment Specialist.


Feel free to contact your assessment specialist with any questions you may have.