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Central New York

November 2, 2009

A Life's Work, in Progress: Jewelry, Pottery, Paintings and Poetry

painting by Oana Dell Oana Dell, Empire State College Alumna
November 2 - December 18, 2009

clay statute with copper oxide by Oana Dell

"Fertility” clay statue with copper oxide and clear glaze

Artist's Statement

Born and raised in Romania by loving, creative parents, in a house full of books and paintings, I was privileged to have had access to a multitude of art forms, either as a consumer or a creator. Over the years I have expressed myself through paintings, ceramics, wood-block printing, collages, and illustrations. At a young age I also started learning French and English, and my love for words guided me in choosing to become a teacher, following in my parents’ footsteps.

I emigrated from Romania just before obtaining a Bachelor in Teaching of Foreign Languages at Bucharest University, thus having to continue my studies in the USA. Spending my adult years in the United States gave me the opportunity to closely experience a new culture, which brought me to a deeper understanding of the link between culture, languages, and arts. Consequently I gained a better cross-cultural perspective on how these elements interact and reflect one another.

artist Oana Dell During the years I lived in Los Angeles I attended Platt College, and then worked as a graphic artist in an advertising agency. After beginning raising a family and moving to New York I continued expanding my knowledge in my fields of interest by learning Spanish, American Sign Language, and teaching myself how to make jewelry. After four more years of college attended in New York, I obtained a Bachelor of Arts degree in Cultural Studies from Empire State College’s Watertown Unit.

‌Since 2004 I’ve been working as a Teacher Assistant at Jefferson-Lewis BOCES and continued my spiritual wondering by discovering the endless possibilities of assemblage art. My art boxes, with the treasures gathered under the glass, tell stories of special moments frozen in time in my personal universe.

‌‌My life journey brought me to Adams Center where I live with Raymond Paul and our three children. I have a feeling this is not the end of the road, but yet another crossroad from which other journeys may unfold.‌

Street in Transylvania oil on canvas by Oana Dell

“Street In Transylvania”
Oil on canvas.