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Central New York

November 1, 2011


An Introduction to "40 @ 40"

Introduction and individual profiles prepared by Associate Professor Yvonne Murphy, Ph.D.

Photography by James Suits

Comprised of business owners, editors, politicians, artists, managers, researchers, a commissioner, a meteorologist, musicians, scientists, educators, marketers, healers, counselors..., photographers, social workers, writers, mothers, fathers, citizens, this triumphant exhibition of photographs and profiles makes visible the important but oftentimes behind-the-scenes or under-celebrated contributions, accomplishments and experiences of Central New York’s graduates both to their workplaces and communities over the past forty years. It highlights the unique and rich breadth, depth and scope of the interests and pursuits of our returning students, but also emphasizes the heroic journey these learners all underwent in order to reach out for or come back to their formal education. Over time, the initial trepidations, frustrations and uncertainties gave way to greater confidence, mobility, comfort and a sophisticated base of acquired and experiential, interdisciplinary knowledge. Each of these adult learners recognized their own fortitude, determination and willingness to juggle priorities and responsibilities as keys to their success. Each of these learners also deeply recognize and appreciate family, friends, employers, mentors, and the ESC staff ’s support along the way. Certainly, as graduate Dianne Cappiello (’01) suggests in her profile, learners come to the college for their various reasons and motivations, but all are encouraged and empowered “to explore the life of the mind” on their path. As many of these graduates have enthusiastically suggested, their best advice and secret to success is, simply: Enjoy!

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