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Central New York

July 12, 2010

360: Landscapes in Panorama: A Senior Thesis

photo of Stonehenge by James Suits

July 15, 2010 through Aug. 31, 2010 by James Suits

Artist Statement

student and faculty mentor

James Suits, in the foreground, with his faculty mentor, Alan Stankiewicz

‌My interest in panoramic images and the concept of shooting outside the frame came from the inherent limitations of a normal camera lens to capture what I was seeing. I would stand in front of an amazing landscape and put the camera to my eye and all I would see was a truncated version of what I was trying to capture. Even with a wide-angle lens I kept wishing that the frame was wider. I eventually started playing with putting multiple images together to form longer images that incorporated more of what I saw. The images became longer and longer until eventually an interesting reversal happened; the assembled images were now showing more than what I could see with my naked eye. Currently it's hard to look at a landscape without wanting to shoot it in panoramic.