Veteran and Military Education

William Mayeaux, Military Outreach Assistant - Pacific Region

William Mayeaux

William Mayeaux joined Empire State College in June 2008 as a military outreach specialist. He provides outreach counseling to Navy and Marine personnel at four military installations in San Diego, Calif. Mayeaux attends education and employment fairs and other community events. He is a member of the California ACME region 1, an organization that helps promote higher education, lifelong learning and school recognition in the community.

As a 24-year Navy veteran, he has completed multiple deployments to the Middle East and the Pacific Ocean. He possesses a unique insight into naval deployments and the challenges facing military personnel and distance learning. Mayeaux is a certified training specialist and holds a B.S. in workforce education and development from Southern Illinois University and an M.S. in aeronautical science from Embry Riddle Aeronautical University.

Mayeaux enjoys photography and traveling. He is married to Yoshiko Shimomura of Yokohama, Japan. They have two cats, Sargent Major Nigel Bigglesworth III and Hair Ball.

Contact William Mayeaux:
Cell Phone: 518 491-4686
Phone: 800 847-3000 ext. 2779
-or-  518 587-2100 ext. 2779
Fax: 518 587-5483

William's Schedule:
  • NAB Coronado (NAS North Island): Every Tuesday 0730-1200
  • Naval Base San Diego (32nd Street Naval Station): Every Thursday 0800-1230 
  • Naval Hospital San Diego: As needed by appointment
  • MCAS Miramar: As needed by appointment 
  • MCRD San Diego: As needed by appointment