Why Choose Us?

Why do people choose Empire State College?

man_80KBecause Empire State College is the SUNY solution for working adults. It is a more flexible way to take the courses you need – wherever, however, whenever. From distance learning via the web to faculty mentoring outside the traditional classroom, we do whatever it takes for you to learn, earn credits and earn a degree. We promise a more personalized experience than any other college...and greater satisfaction when you finish.

Why is Empire State College a good choice for GoArmyEd students?

Empire State College, with GoArmyEd, is committed to providing online educational options for qualified soldier students through virtual classrooms at Army installations worldwide. We bring our more than 30 years of experience working with students who need flexibility in where they study, when they study and how they study

Empire State College is experienced with the flexibility needed when soldiers are deployed, and as a member of the Servicemembers Opportunity Colleges (SOC), we accept ACE recommended credits as listed on your AARTS transcripts. We work with each student individually to apply military training credits toward your degree program at Empire State College.

Are you committed to fitting quality education into your busy life?

Then Empire State College is for you.