Empire State College Air Force Field Advisor

At Empire State College, we strive to make returning to college as easy as possible for our military students and their families. Our field academic advisor is available to meet with current active-duty military members, their families and civilian base personnel face-to-face. The field advisor can communicate via email and telephone to anywhere in the world. Advising, including review of military transcripts, recommendation of possible degree programs, assistance with applications and support of current studies is available by appointment. The contact information for our field advisor is listed below.

Empire State College in Midwest Region:

William Yaeger, Military Outreach AssistantWilliam Yaeger, Military Outreach Assistant: Midwest Region

Phone: 518-859-0794, 800-847-3000, ext. 2801, 518-587-2100, ext. 2801

Fax : 518-587-5483

Email: William.Yaeger@esc.edu

Buckley Air Force Base, Col.: by appointment only

Fort Carson, Col.: by appointment only

Peterson Air Force Base, Col.: by appointment only

Schriever Air Force Base, Col.: by appointment only

USAF Academy, Col.: by appointment only

Francis E. Warren Air Force Base: by appointment only