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Issue 78, May 14, 2015

Students enjoy a session a the Student Wellness Retreat 2015 where a speaker determines their personality type for better working and studying relationships.

Student Wellness Retreat 2015: The Benefits of a College Retreat

By Maria Koehle, student, SUNY Empire State College

Who wouldn't love a quick, refreshing three-day retreat? This year's Student Wellness Retreat provided so much more than just a few days of liberating freedom. ... MORE

Current News

Wellness Retreat Highlights Support For Our Military

The 2015 Student Wellness Retreat had among the many valuable offerings a wonderful opportunity for students, alumni, faculty and presenters to show support for our military personnel serving overseas. ... MORE

Center for Distance Learning Arts Mentor Alice Lai Presents Scholarly Work at Conferences; Publishes Paper

Alice Lai, Center for Distance Learning mentor and associate professor for The Arts, presented her peer-reviewed scholarly work at major international conferences in Las Vegas and New Orleans. ... MORE

MSiA Members from Across the College Gather at Student Wellness Retreat

The Student Wellness Retreat is offered by SUNY Empire State College to provide students the chance to come together, connect and recharge after a challenging year of studies. ... MORE

Creative Corner

The Beacon

“The Beacon” Was I cast out from all humanity, set adrift atop a turbulent sea, ... MORE

Now that I Left

“Now That I Left” Cheers to new beginnings and roads ahead. ... MORE

Social Corner

Alumni Spotlight: Lindsay Warren Baker '15

Lindsay Warren Baker '15 created the lyrics and book for the hit musical "Jane Austen's 'Pride and Prejudice,'" being performed at La Mirada Theater for the Performing Arts in California through May 10. ... MORE

Bereavement Group Experience

In March I committed to an 8-week bereavement group held at my local hospital. The group met one day each week and was open to people grieving from any type of loss. ... MORE

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