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Issue 68, September 15, 2014

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Mental Health in the Spotlight: Some Resources for ESC Students, faculty & Staff

By Kelly Hermann, director, Office of Collegewide Disability Services

The recent news of Robin Williams’ death has sent a shockwave through the country. As fans of Mr. Williams’ work, many of us were likely wondering how someone who seemingly had it all could take his own life. ... MORE

Current News

Transition to Paperless Billing Proceeding Smoothly— Effective with the 2014 Fall 2 term

The transition to paperless billing is on track and will be live ... MORE

Center for Distance Learning’s Student and Alumni Advisory Group Seeking Representatives

The Center for Distance Learning Student and Alumni Advisory Group ... MORE

10 Things Anyone Can Do To Help Prevent Sexual Assault

Empire State College is committed to providing a safe ... MORE

Creative Corner

Liquid Narcissus

“Liquid Narcissus” ... MORE

Morning Run

“Morning Run” ... MORE

Social Corner

Enhance Your College Education: Keep a Journal

Consider how much you remember from your classes ... MORE

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