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Issue 93, January 29, 2016

Suzanne Lazar, student editor, Student Connection

Welcome from the Editor and to the Student Connection!

By Suzanne Lazar, student, SUNY Empire State College; editor, The Student Connection

I am very excited to start the new year and a new adventure as the editor for SUNY Empire State College’s student newsletter, The Student Connection. I am a full-time student studying Business Management and Economics and plan to earn my Bachelor of Science in 2017. In addition to my business studies, writing is something I love to do, which made choosing this writing-intensive college a very easy decision and that thus far has helped my experience as a student be very successful. ... MORE

Current News

A Message for the New Year from President Hancock: Student Input Sought

On behalf of the entire college, I would like to offer my warmest wishes to you and your family for a safe ... MORE

Chancellor Zimpher Delivers State of the University Address; Urges New Yorkers to "Stand with SUNY"

an amazing speech by Chancellor Zimpher and being a part of what is sure to be a successful long-term goal of positive changes for students in the SUNY system. ... MORE

Polly Baird: Recipient of the Richard Porter Leach Fellowship

In New York, there are over 30,000 union actors and many more non-union and avant-garde performance artists. These figures do not include creative directors ... MORE

Creative Corner

Shadow – Black and White Photography

Shadow – Black and White Photography By Gwendolyn D. Murph, student, SUNY Empire State College ... MORE

Enlightenment – Digital Art

Enlightenment – Digital Art By Chris Chichester, student, SUNY Empire State College ... MORE

Social Corner

Student Spotlight: Melissa Boes

Lockport’s Melissa Boes has been donating blood to the American Red Cross for the past 10 years ... MORE

Cycling Through

There’s no need to place your bike in storage when the temperature dips. Sure, riding in the winter ... MORE

Suzanne Lazar, student editor, Student Connection

Suzanne Lazar,

Eric Norcross

Eric Norcross, assistant editor

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