Student Affairs Committee

Student Affairs Committee
February 27, 2009
Conference Call Agenda
10:30 a.m. - 12 p.m.

Toll-Free Dial In#: 877/322-9648
Host Code: 549306
Participant Code: 429949

(minutes for this meeting taken by Laura Arpey)

I. Approval of minutes from November & December conference calls

II. Revisions to agenda

III. Old Business

A. Updates from working groups:

  • Newsletter - Lori - in process, funded for 2 per year
  • Student Academic Conference - Audrey
  • Web page and Discussion Database - Jane - review proposed changes at Apr. mtg?
  • Orientation to SAC - Penny - review at Apr. mtg?
  • Poster Competition - Goldie - review at Apr. mtg?
  • Certificate of Services - Francesca - present at Apr. mtg.
  • Students Assisting Students - (was Nancy - now ?)
  • Clubs and Organizations - Pat M.

IV. New Business

A. Final Bylaws draft from Senate - college assembly to vote at All College
B. Honors proposal from CUSP
C. SAF proposal due March 23
D. SAC annual report due March 6
E. Move April face-to-face meeting to participate in Middle States feedback?

V. Standing Reports

A. Senate - 1.) Most of the meeting devoted to final draft of bylaws; 2.) CNY will be first center to pilot wireless access; 3.) Student rep asked if use of text software with Angle and/or Vista was a problem for others?; 4.) Term calendar task force - will be seeking student input.
B. Alumni Federation Board
C. Educational Technology Committee

V. Upcoming Calls/Meetings

A. Meeting in Saratoga, April 28, 9am - 1pm (minutes taken by Pat Ryan)
B. Need a May conference call? - Perhaps wait to see what Apr meeting brings?
C. Tentatively schedule a June call for next governance year's group? (New governance year begins on June 1)

DRAFT Honors Project Proposal to CUSP ( 24kB)

DRAFT rationale for the poster ( 24kB)

DRAFT SAC New Member Booklet of Responsibilities ( 40kB)

SAC minutes December 12 ( 32kB)

SAC Minutes November 7, 2008 ( 51kB)