Undergraduate Grading Information

Beginning with the November 2011 Term, there will be no narrative evaluations provided upon completion of studies/courses at Empire State College.

Common student questions:

What type of evaluation will I receive?

Effective November 2011 Term, and for all following terms, you will receive:

  • a letter grade for credit successfully earned,
  • FC (full credit) for credit successfully earned for which you indicated you did not want a letter grade (there is a limit of a total of 12 credits of Empire State College study that can be designated as credit earned only, no letter grade) , or
  • NC (no credit) when you do not successfully complete the requirements to earn credit for the study/course.

Will I still be able to view narratives from prior terms?

Students will still be able to view all prior term narrative evaluations online at

Will I receive a narrative evaluation for the September 2011 Term?


Other important information about outcomes:

Incomplete (IN):

Faculty will continue to provide students with incomplete (assign an outcome of IN) 1) when they request extended time because of extenuating circumstances, 2) have consistently engaged in learning activities, and 3) successfully completed at least 50 percent of the work before the end of the enrollment term for the study/course. In no case will students have longer than 16 weeks after the study/course end date to complete the requirements of the study/course.

Reminder: The course/study instructor is not obligated to grant an incomplete.

Administrative withdrawal (ZW):

Faculty will continue to administratively withdraw (assign an outcome of ZW) students 1) who have registered for a course/study, 2) who do not withdraw, 3) who do not engage in course/study work consistently throughout the term of enrollment, and 4) who do not respond to attempts to contact them. 

Withdrawal (WD):

A student may withdraw from a study until the last day of an enrollment term. The student must complete and submit the Withdrawal Form, found at A withdrawal does not result in the award of credit.