Undergraduate Enrollment in Graduate Courses

Why enroll in a graduate course?

The intellectual challenge of doing graduate work is very rewarding. 

Additionally, if the undergraduate is accepted within two years to one of ESC’s master’s degree programs to which the course(s) will apply, the course(s) can then be used in that master’s degree program. 

This is a great way to save time and money.

Some Frequently Asked Questions

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Can any undergraduate student enroll in a graduate course?

No, the undergraduate student must be within 32 credits of completing a bachelor’s degree and must have a concurred degree program.

When can an undergraduate enroll in graduate courses?

Graduate courses are offered in the following terms:

fall 1

spring 1

summer 1

summer 2.

Is there a specific list of courses that an undergraduate can select from?

School for Graduate Studies

A list of graduate courses open to undergraduates is available each term.

School of Nursing

As of summer 2014, undergraduate students may not enroll in graduate nursing courses.

How many graduate courses can an undergraduate enroll in?

The maximum number is three courses for a total of 9 credits. 

Additionally, an undergraduate student cannot enroll in more than two courses, or 6 credits, in a given term.

Can an undergraduate enroll in three advanced certificate courses and then, upon completion of the bachelor’s degree, apply to the advanced certificate to finish?


This opportunity is only open to degree programs, not advanced certificate programs. 

The graduate courses completed as an undergraduate can be used in a master’s degree program if the student is accepted within two years of course completion. 

Is the undergraduate student charged graduate tuition?


Undergraduates pay the undergraduate tuition rate, making this a great value.

Can an undergraduate student use financial aid to pay for approved graduate courses?


Once approved, the graduate course becomes part of the undergraduate degree program and it can be covered by financial aid.

How does a graduate course fit into the concurred undergraduate degree program?

A graduate course takes the place of a study/course that was already approved for the bachelor’s degree. 

It is important to note that:

  1. Enrolling in a graduate course needs to be discussed with the primary mentor/academic advisor.
  2. Graduate courses are 3 credits each.
  3. Once enrollment in a graduate course has been approved and processed, the undergraduate degree program needs to be amended. The undergraduate student is not charged the amendment fee.

Can a graduate course be used for undergraduate general education (gen ed) requirements?


Only undergraduate courses can be used to meet general education requirements.

What is the first step in the process?

The primary mentor/academic advisor and student will discuss this option. 

If it makes sense to move forward, the primary mentor/academic advisor will have the student complete and submit the Undergraduate Enrollment in Graduate Courses Permission and Registration Forms (PDF  252kB).‌

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