November 13, 2012

Message from Dean Ward

To Staten Island Students

The Staten Island Unit remains closed for the remainder of the week of Tuesday, Nov. 13 - Saturday, Nov. 17. The college is seeking alternative space on Staten Island for study groups during September 2012. We are working hard to make this happen next week. We will notify you as soon as the location is identified. We are committed to helping students continue the September term.

Note: The Manhattan (325 Hudson St.) and Brooklyn (177 Livingston St.) offices are open. All study groups and other activities will be held.

Staten Island mentors and staff will be working from 325 Hudson Street in Manhattan. Please contact mentors by email. The Staten Island reception phone (718-667-7524) will be answered. The Metro student services contact information is or 646-230-1253.

Please contact your mentor about how to continue your studies. Continue your work if you are able to do so or contact your professor about how best to proceed.

The building at 500 Seaview Ave. suffered flood damage during Hurricane Sandy. It is being repaired but we don't have a timetable for it to reopen, although we hope to start the January 2013 term back there.

My deepest sympathies to all who have been affected by the storm. This is a difficult time for all New Yorkers, especially in Staten Island and hard hit coastal communities, because this widespread tragedy has touched all of us.

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