December 17, 2012

Message to Staten Island Students

Dear Staten Island Students,

Empire State College continues its commitment to provide education on Staten Island. We have been a part of the community for many years; the Staten Island office is one of the largest and fastest growing at the college. Repair work is progressing steadily at 500 Seaview Ave. and as soon as everything is completed, we will return there.

In the meantime, the spring term evening study groups, will be held at New Dorp High School, 465 New Dorp Lane, Staten Island. Mentors and staff have offices in Manhattan at 325 Hudson St. and you can also meet with them at New Dorp or other Staten Island locations by agreement.

We will be staffed to provide student services at New Dorp every evening thanks to Rob Craig and Mary Romano. Jennifer Sullivan, the SI learning coach, continues academic support on Staten Island. I have been working closely with Unit Coordinator Margaret Souza, Staten Island mentors, Associate Dean Cathy Leaker and Coordinator of Student Services Carl Burkart to make sure all activities proceed as normally as possible.

Many mentors have also added additional web-based components to help students keep up with their studies. We want every student to feel confident about enrolling for spring 2013.

A few special studies or residencies will be held at two other locations:

  • Emergency Management: The Emergency Management residency on Saturdays will be held in Manhattan at 325 Hudson St. This is an exciting opportunity to meet more faculty and students from around the Center, use the newest facilities at the college and spend a day in Manhattan.
  • Evening microcomputer studies: The evening microcomputer studies taught by Al Arcuri will be held at South Richmond High School, 6581 Hylan Blvd.

  • You will receive a complete listing shortly.

You have been incredibly resolute about continuing your studies in the face of the impact of Hurricane Sandy. New students have joined the unit enthusiastically. I applaud you all for your Staten Island spirit.

Dean Cynthia L. Ward

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