November 4, 2012

UPDATE Weather Alert

Dean Gary Lacy announces continued suspension of operations at Hartsdale and Nanuet. The Newburgh office is open.

The power continues to be down in Hartsdale and Nanuet.

"I know that many of you are also without power and gasoline to drive as well. I have decided that we will suspend operations at both Hartsdale and Nanuet in addition to offering faculty the opportunity to go to Newburgh to resume some activity, such as contacting students, etc. This is offered as an option, not a requirement, as I understand that many are addressing power issues at home and the lack of gasoline to travel because power is off at the service stations," said Lacy. Fuel is available in Newburgh and temporary offices can be quickly assembled at the Newburgh office.

Lacy continues, "I want to emphasize that this is only a temporary solution. The hope is that by midweek, we should have power back in both locations"

"If you have an opportunity please visit the ESC site and read Meg's (Acting President Meg Benke's) email regarding some accommodations that we will make as a result of the hurricane so that students are not penalized."

"Finally, please send me a brief note about whether you have power, any losses or special things that I need to know about. Again, these are some very difficult times and the first priority is that you take care of your home and children and any other personal responsibilities."

"I wish everyone safety as we try to navigate some pretty dangerous and stressful times," concluded Dean Lacy.

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