Faculty in the Hudson Valley Region

The Hudson Valley region is fortunate to have faculty mentors with broad academic backgrounds and experience. Students enrolled at any of the Hudson Valley locations can study with mentors in their home location as well as at any of the other locations.


Jelia Domingo

Gordon Feathers

Renata Kochut

Gary Lacy

Susan McConnaughy

Mark Miyake

Michael Parsons

Diane Perilli

Linda Treinish

Martin Wortman




Joseph Angiello

Sabrina Fuchs-Abrams

Denise Kawasaki

Christine Leake

Arlene Rider

Jennifer Spitz

Miriam Tatzel

Marie Tondreau




Robert Altobello

Anna Bates

Wendy Chabon

Diane Gal

Stacey Gallagher

Jon Harbison

Martin Knowles

Elaine Lux

Frank McDonald

Diana Siberio-Perez