Graduate Residency Attendance Policy

Both the M.A. and M.B.A. programs have residency-based courses. Attendance at residencies for residency-based courses is mandatory. A student who registers for a required residency-based course but is unable to attend the residency must withdraw from the course and take it in a subsequent term.

Exceptions are rarely made to the residency requirement. One reason for an exception is for religious observance. (Please refer to the Religious Observance Policy located elsewhere in this catalog.) Religious exemptions are granted by the chair of the student's program.

There may be other reasons that warrant an exception but these must be ruled on by the dean of the School for Graduate Studies on a case-by-case basis. If requesting to be excused from a residency for any reason other than a religious exemption, the student must make this request in writing to the dean of the School for Graduate Studies at Graduate_Dean' This request should contain the student's reason(s) for not attending the residency and a detailed plan for making up the work and faculty/student interaction that will be missed.