Master of Education in Teaching and Learning

The Master of Education (M.Ed.) in Teaching and Learning: Principles and Pedagogy prepares professionals with educational responsibilities to advance as leaders and innovators. Those who complete the degree will develop a strong foundation for career-long growth as reflective practitioners with concern for equity and social justice. They will demonstrate growth as caring professionals who skillfully apply current theories and research to their pedagogical practice and will develop their capacities to lead in creating effective learning communities among diverse learners.

The M.Ed. satisfies the requirement that P-12 teachers complete a master's degree in a related area in order to obtain professional certification. Students will be able to independently pursue professional certification after completion of the M.Ed. For additional information about New York state professional certification requirements, please review this FAQ document.

Note: The M.Ed. does not lead to NYS initial teacher certification. Teacher certification is possible through the college's Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT) program.

Program Design

The M.Ed. in Teaching and Learning: Principles and Pedagogy is a 36-credit program comprising:

Year One – Groundwork

First term, 6 cr

  • Introduction to Critical Pedagogy, 3 cr
  • New Media and New Literacies, 3 cr

Second term, 6 cr

  • Research Methods in Education, 3 cr
  • Contemporary Issues in Teaching and Learning, 3 cr

Third term, 6 cr

  • first approved concentration elective, 3 cr
  • second approved concentration elective, 3 cr

Year Two – Research

Fourth term, 6 cr

  • Leading in a Learning Environment, 3 cr
  • third approved concentration elective, 3 cr

Fifth term, 6 cr

  • Project Design, 3 cr
  • fourth approved concentration elective, 3 cr

Sixth term, 6 cr

  • Capstone Project, 3 cr
  • elective, 3 cr

Literacy Concentration (secondary focus)

  • Foundations of Literacy, 3 cr
  • Literacy Across the Curriculum and in the Content Areas, 3 cr
  • Literacy Assessment, 3 cr
  • Literacy and Literature, 3 cr

Foundations of Teaching Concentration (secondary focus)

  • U.S. Schools in Social Context, 3 cr
  • Exceptionalities, 3 cr
  • Middle Childhood and Adolescent Development, 3 cr
  • Understanding Diverse Learners, 3 cr

Sample Electives Available in Collaboration with NYSUT

  • Bullying: Preventing the Problem 
  • Building Positive Connections with Diverse Families and Communities
  • Integrated Co-teaching: Strategies Enhancing Student Achievement
  • Showing Evidence: Teacher Performance and Student Achievement
  • Data Mining of Assessments to Impact Student Achievement
  • Educators Taking the Initiative for Change
  • Student Engagement and Standards-based Learning

Contact Information

If you are unsure which graduate education program is appropriate for your education goals, please contact the School for Graduate Studies at 800-847-3000, ext. 2429, or

Apply for Admission

To apply for the M.Ed., review the admissions requirements and submit an online application.

The spring term application deadline is Nov.1.

The fall term application deadline is June 1.