M.B.A. Enrollment Sequence

All students in the program earn a total of 48 credits through a combination of course work and assessed credit for demonstrated MBA-level knowledge and competencies.

Executive Assessment and Development (MGT-651500)
(residency required)
(All Independent Direct Assessments [IDAs] will be completed during the first term)
3 credits
Scanning the Business Environment (ORG-651504)
(residency required)
3 credits
High Performance Management (ORG-651591-3) 3 credits*
Management Information Systems (MIS-651521-3) 3 credits*
Human Systems and Behavior (MGT-651571-3) 3 credits*
Accounting and Finance (FIN-651511-3) 3 credits*
elective 3 credits
Operations Management (MGT-651531-3) 3 credits*
Managerial Economics (ECO-651551-3) 3 credits*
elective 3 credits
Managerial Reasoning (MGT-651510)
(residency required)
3 credits
Marketing Management (MKT-651541-3) 3 credits*
Managerial Decision Making (MGT-651561-3) 3 credits*
Strategic Analysis and Executive Choice (MGT-651525) 3 credits
Strategic Executive Leadership (MGT-651520)
(residency required)
3 credits
TOTAL 48 credits (up to 24 credits are assessable)
* (All functional courses are 3 credits and fully assessable)

Sequence of Courses and Prerequisites:

  • Executive Assessment and Development and Scanning the Business Environment must be taken during the first terms(s)
  • Managerial Reasoning may only be taken after completing Executive Assessment and Development, Scanning the Business Environment and High Performance Management. This course cannot be taken at the same time as Strategic Executive Leadership.
  • Strategic Analysis and Executive Choice must be completed in the term prior to taking Strategic Executive Leadership.
  • Strategic Executive Leadership must be taken last.