M.A. Liberal Studies Enrollment Sequence

The typical enrollment sequence is as follows*:

First Term 6 cr Seminar in Liberal Studies**, 3 cr
Models of Critical Inquiry**, 3 cr
Second Term 6 cr Perspectives on Interdisciplinary Study**, 3 cr
One elective - literature review, 3 cr
Third Term 6 cr Two electives, 3 cr
Fourth Term 6 cr One elective, 3 cr
One elective - methods of inquiry, 3 cr
Fifth Term 6 cr Two electives, 6 cr
Sixth Term 6 cr One elective, 3 cr
Final Project, 3 cr
Total 36 cr  

* = the graduate fall and spring terms are 15 weeks long and the summer term is eight weeks long. Therefore, students enrolling for the summer term may need to work with their mentor to adjust this enrollment sequence.
** = residency-based course