M.A. in Adult Learning Enrollment Sequence

The typical enrollment sequence is as follows:

First Term 6 cr Rethinking Experience and Learning, 3cr
Learning and Development in Contemporary Adulthood, 3 cr
Second term 6 cr Strategies for Effective Adult Learning, 3 cr
Approaches to Critical Inquiry and Research, 3 cr
Third term 3-6 cr Electives, 3-6 cr
Fourth term 3-6 cr Electives, 3-6 cr
Fifth term 3-6 cr Electives, 3-6 cr
Sixth term 3-6 cr Project Design, 3 cr
Final Project, 3 cr
Total 36 cr  

The graduate fall and spring terms are 15 weeks long and the summer term is 8 weeks long. Therefore, students enrolling during the summer term may need to work with their academic advisor to adjust this enrollment sequence.