Environmental Sustainability

How to Recycle at Each Center and Unit

This section of the website is always evolving. Current information is provided by employees of centers, units or offices. To add, change or otherwise edit information, email Sadie Ross.

Central New York

Recycling bins can be found in large conference rooms, the kitchen and copier rooms. Paper, cardboard, glass, and metals can be sorted and put into these bins. There are separate containers for ink cartridges and batteries. Paperback and hardcover books can be used in the book exchange. To recycle electronics, contact Stephanie Cunningham at ext. 3146.


All aspects of recycling are taken care of by the Office of General Services. 

A recycling bin for paper is located in each office of the suite, as well as in the entrance room and conference room. Office of General Services personnel come into the offices to empty recycling bins daily. A large container is located on the fifth floor, by the elevator, in which to place cans, bottles and plastic. Cardboard is placed near the other containers by the elevator. A container is located by the elevator for old batteries (no alkaline/wet cell batteries). Office of General Services will remove old electronic equipment or metal items from the office. Approval to scrap items must be sought from Chuck Crawford in Saratoga Springs, ext. 2363.  Toner/drum cartridges are returned to the supplier in their original cartons. Old office furniture is removed from the office by OGS.

Fort Drum

Each desk has recycling bins for white paper and one for envelopes, post-its, fliers, etc. Recycling bins for cans and plastic bottles are found in the lobby. All paper, including shredded paper and cardboard boxes, are taken to a central location at the Education Center. Books can be recycled here only if the bindings are removed. Alternatively, the library across the hall from the Fort Drum Unit will take books if they are fairly new. A toner recycling program is currently in the works. Electronics are handled through Stephanie Cunningham at ext. 3146.


Paper, plastic, bottles and cans are recycled by OGS. A recycling bin is available in the entrance. Electronics are handled through Stephanie Cunningham at ext. 3146. Toner is mailed to Heidi Nightengale at the Auburn Unit for a donation.


Paper, plastic, bottles and cansare recycled by the Dulles State Office Building. Electronics are handled through Stephanie Cunningham at ext. 3146.

Coordinating Center

All Empire State College buildings in Saratoga Springs have blue recycling bins in the kitchen/break rooms, conference rooms and copier rooms. All waste to be recycled should be placed into these bins. This includes paper, #1-#7 plastics, glass, metals, cardboard and paperback books, including phone books. CFL light bulbs, electronics and batteries should be sent to Chuck Crawford at 111 West Ave., Saratoga Springs. For a complete list of acceptable items, visit zero-sort.com and enter 12866 under “meet your provider," or download a partial list at zerosortlist.

Electronics: contact Chuck Crawford, ext. 2363, for disposal of computers, monitors, telephones (landline), televisions, printers and other electronics. Usable electronics are sent to the New York State Office of General Services for redistribution. Items that do not pass the electronics test are sent to a certified recycling center. Cellphones: contact Donna Uncher, ext. 2340. 

Toner: contact Michael Shpur at ext. 2903. Empty ink cartridges, as well as laser toner cartridges can be sent to Shpur at 111 West Ave., Saratoga Springs. Empty cartridges are sent back to Xerox. Alternatively, there are boxes in the print rooms in 113 West Ave. where cartridges can be placed for recycling.

Confidential papers should be placed in the locked boxes in each copy/work room; a third-party vendor picks up the papers for shredding and recycling. Please do not place nonconfidential materials in these boxes.

Hudson Valley Center

All materials can be recycled. Separation is done by the porter. Toner and ink cartridges are sent back to Staples. Electronics: contact Chris Tayko, ext. 3576


Paper and cardboard are recycled by the landlord. Bins are located by the copy machine and by the mailbox. Cans, bottles and plastic are recycled by office employees, each material has its own bin located in the lunch room. Toner is mailed back to the manufacturer in the envelopes provided. Electronics: contact Chris Tayko, ext. 3576.

Genesee Valley Center

Paper, cardboard, #1 through #7 plastic, glass and metal all are being recycled. Each office, workroom and conference room has a paper recycling bin. See Timothy Cosgriff , ext 3271. for locations of containers for plastic, glass and metals. These materials must be put into a separate bag before being placed into the recycling bin with the paper. Cardboard is collected in large blue bins outdoors. Paperback and hard-cover books: All books, including text books, should be turned in to Cosgriff for use in the book exchange. Electronics: contact Adam Bradley, ext. 3205. Cellphones, small electronics and toner: contact Cosgriff. 

Alfred, Batavia, Canandaigua, Corning/Elmira

There are no recycling services available to units. Paper, plastic, bottles and cans can be taken home to be recycled. Electronics are handled through Adam Bradley, ext.3205. Toner is mailed back to the supplier in the envelopes provided. Alternatively, toner can be sent to the Genesse Valley Center for recycling, or to Canandaigua, where toner is donated to a local school as a fundraiser.

Long Island Center

Paper, cardboard, glass, metal and plastic can be recycled and must be separated. Cardboard is cut and laid flat before being placed into the outdoor bin. All other materials must be separated and placed into clear plastic bags before being placed into the outdoor bin with the cardboard. Contact Clara LaPort ext 4414 for locations of indoor collection containers. Electronics: contact Gus Boyle, ext. 4061. Toner and ink cartridges are sent back to Staples.

Hauppauge Unit

All recycling services are provided by OGS. Paper, cardboard, plastic, glass and metals are being collected. Electronics: contact Gus Boyle, ext. 4061. Toner and ink cartridges are sent back to Staples.

Riverhead Unit

Paper is collected by Tri-Star. Electronicscontact Gus Boyle, ext. 4061. Toner and ink cartridges are sent back to Staples

Metropolitan Center

All garbage and recycling is put into one bin and sorted at a new state-of-the-art facility. This facility only captures paper and cardboard. There are bins for bottles and cans in the break room. These items can be sorted into these bins, however, it is likely the janitorial staff is only recycling the returnable bottles. Electronics: contact: Jin Chun, ext. 1211. All toner and ink cartridges should be mailed back to Staples.


A recycling bin for paper is located in the copier room. Cans and glass bottles can be placed in the bins in the kitchen. Cardboard is recycled by building maintenance.

Staten Island

There is no current program for recycling in the Staten Island Unit.

Niagara Frontier Center

Paper and cardboard bins are found in large conference rooms, break rooms and copier rooms. Plastic #1 through #7, tin, aluminum and glass are picked up by the hauler. These containers can be mixed together, but must be placed in a separate bag before being put into the dumpster. Contact Jane Cudmore at ext. 3836 to find out the locations of bins. Toner is sent back to the supplier in the envelopes provided. Electronics: contact Nathan Whitley-Grassi ext 3825. 


Paper, plastic, bottles and cans are recycled through the community college.  A recycling bin is available in the entrance. Electronics: contact John Farrell, ext. 3838. Toner is mailed back to the supplier in the envelopes provided.  

Fredonia, Lockport, Olean

There is no recycling service available to this unit. Paper, plastic, bottles and cans are taken home to be recycled. Electronics: contact John Farrell, ext. 3838. Toner is mailed back to the supplier in the envelopes provided.

Northeast Center

All materials including paper, plastic #1-#7, metal and glass can be collected in one container for single stream recycling. Paper and cardboard are also collected by a second contractor, increasing opportunities to recycle. Large bins for paper collection by the secondary contractor are found in the upstairs and downstairs break rooms. In the downstairs copy room there is one box for paper to be shredded and one box for paper that will be recycled without shredding. ESC staff empties both of these boxes into the large bins for the private contractor. Each meeting room and copy area can have a blue recycling bin for single stream recycling. Cardboard should be broken down and placed in the break room. General recycling contact Lori McCaffrey x5944. Electronics: contact Reynold Jones, ext. 5986.


Paper, aluminum, tin, plastic, glass and cardboard are all recycled by the Office of General Services. Bins are located in break rooms and conference rooms in the main building. Toner is sent back to the supplier in the envelopes provided. Electronics: contact Reynold Jones, ext. 3838.