Environmental Sustainability

Academics and Research

Students at Empire State College can incorporate sustainability topics into any degree plan or study, a process explained on the Sustainability Education page. The page offers resources for further study that can be used when creating either a comprehensive degree in sustainability, or just one course. 

Other opportunities to study sustainability include: 

Resources for sustainability related careers

Why study sustainability? 

Students studying sustainability gain skills that give them a competitive edge in the workplace, as well as foster citizenship.

Students in the 21st century need a range of skills, knowledge, attitudes and capabilities. Studying sustainability is an excellent way of acquiring these attributes, because students then can use a holistic approach to understand a problem and the cultural/societal norms that are part of it. They use critical-thinking and problem-solving skills to develop solutions and exercise communication skills to create a dialogue that leads to action and change. Through their in-depth study of a problem, they come to understand how cultural, economic and environmental systems interact. This systems approach to learning transfers to the workplace for students who have developed the ability to understand how each sector of a company works to support the others.