Course Outcomes and Evaluations FAQ

As always, thank you for all your efforts working with our students!!

What are outcomes?

Outcomes are merely a designation in our system indicating a student will receive one of the following: full credit (FC), credit received (CR), incomplete(IN), or a No Credit (NC), Administrative Withdrawal (ZW). This outcome must be entered in the systemon the outcome due date established on the term calendar, otherwise students may be deregistered, dismissed, placed on probation, or lose financial aid immediately after the outcome due date. 

Please Note: CDL prefers faculty, whenever possible, to submit everything at once (outcome, narrative, and grade) by the outcome due date as designated on the term calendar located at: ( To submit everything at once, you must choose "Full Credit (FC)" in order to submit everything at once. If you are unable to submit everything at once by the outcome due date, remember, you are still responsible for submitting at least the outcome (CR, IN, NC, ZW) by the due date. If you need to do the two step process for students who will be receiving full credit and a passing grade for the course, you would need to submit a "Credit Received (CR)" as an outcome, then return before the evaluation due date to submit your narrative evaluation and grade for the student. Remember, if a CR is designated as the outcome, you are required to reenter the system and complete the evaluation and letter grade by the date provided on the term calendar for evaluations. (

What happens if I do not submit outcomes/evaluations and grades by the due date designated by the College Calendar?

If you do not submit at minimal the outcome by the outcome due date, the student may feel a negative impact, depending on the situation. Immediately following the outcome due date, a report is run to determine a student's academic standing based on the outcome received (FC, CR, IN, NC, ZW). If an outcome is NOT received by the due date and the report is run, a student may be deregistered, lose financial aid, lose tuition reimbursement from an employer, go on academic probation, be dismissed, or will be unable to meet graduation submission deadlines. Other departments such as Student Services, Registration and Financial aid may also feel a huge impact if outcomes are not submitted by the outcome due date. For example, they may getting several emails or phone calls from unhappy, frustrated students because the necessary outcome is missing and it is preventing a student to move forward.

How does an outcome differ from a course evaluation (CE) and grade?

The outcome is the preliminary step an instructor takes to communicate to the registrar and student the outcome of the course. The outcome is NOT the grade or evaluation. Once an outcome is designated in the system, the instructor may be responsible for further actions, depending on the outcome.

If a FC is initially entered, an Instructor is responsible to submit everything at once: outcome, evaluation and grade and the system will not submit an FC until all three items are submitted.

If a CR is initially entered, an Instructor is indicating the student has completed the necessary work and the course. A CR means the student will receive full credit for the course once the instructor returns to submit the evaluation and grade.

For more information on the definitions of Outcome Designations, visit the ANGEL faculty resource in, CDL GREAT Gateway located under the ANGEL Community Groups on the ANGEL homepage. This resources is for all CDL faculty and professionals (full-time, part-time, adjunct, mentors). Once you are at this GREAT resource, click on the quick link titiled "Best Praces for Managing Your Course" then goto >> "End-of-Term Information."

Can you tell me more about course evaluations?

The course evaluation has two parts, you only need to submit and write part 2, the narrative assessment of the student.

Part One

is the generic information of the course that includes Purpose, Learning Activities, and Method of Evaluation (this will automatically merge with your evaluation when you submit it). If you want to see the generic portion of the evaluation, it is located in your course, under the Modules Tab>Course Information>How You Will Be Evaluated. If you cannot locate this, contact your Assistant Area Coordinator or Area Coordinator.

Part Two

is the narrative evaluation and grade where instructors write about a student after the instructor has determined a student will receive full credit for a course. Narrative portions of the course evaluation have a due date as determined in the term calendar.

Letter grades are factored by information you find in the "How You Will Be Evaluated" section of your course. Grades that show up in the Gradebook area of your course MAY NOT be an accurate final grade - gradebooks have been set up differently for courses and since this is a new feature for CDL with the implementation of ANGEL this past year, we ask that you take caution when using the letter grades represented in your course. Contact your Area Coordinator if you are unsure what your gradebook is communicating to you.

You may find more information about evaluations at ANGEL Homepage>>Community Groups>>CDL Great Gateway>>Best Practices for Managing Your Course>>End of Term Information

Who do I contact if I have a problem with submitting outcomes, evaluations and CEs?

If you have submitted something in error or are having problems with submitting outcomes and evaluations, please connect with

Can I submit outcomes, evaluations, and grades before the due dates?

YES, YES, and YES!!! If a student has completed the course, or you know the outcome before the due dates, we encourage and welcome early submission!
Instructors are always welcome to send inquiries to regarding teaching, working with students, development needs, etc. Your message will be reviewed and forwarded to the appropriate person to handle your inquiry.

Who do I contact regarding special arrangements for Military Students who have requested incompletes?

Special arrangements regarding special programs can be directed to Jodi Ostrander at

What is the official College Policy regarding extensions?

When extenuating circumstances arise, a student may request an outcome of Incomplete (IN) from the Course Instructor. The Course Instructor normally submits an IN outcome only when the student has consistently engaged in learning activities and has successfully completed at least 50% of the work before the end of the enrollment term for the study/course. The Course Instructor is not obligated to grant an Incomplete.

A student who is awarded an IN outcome is allowed no more than 16 weeks after the study end date to complete the study. The [instructor] may establish an earlier completion date.

If the [instructor] submits no further outcome, an IN outcome automatically becomes a No Credit outcome one month after the date indicated for all work to be complete.

What type of course access is available after the end of the term?

The instructor will have access to their ANGEL course section for a specific term for up to one year. A student will have access to the ANGEL course section until they receive an Evaluation/Grade or a No Credit (NC) for the course.