Policy on Incompletes for CDL Courses

Empire State College Incomplete Policy:

When extenuating circumstances arise, a student may request an outcome of incomplete (IN) from the instructor. The instructor normally submits an IN outcome only when the student has consistently engaged in learning activities and has successfully completed at least 50 percent of the work before the end of the enrollment term for the study/course. The instructor is not obligated to grant an incomplete. A student who is awarded an IN outcome is allowed no more than 16 weeks after the study end date to complete the study. The instructor may establish an earlier completion date. The learning contract outcome statement submitted by the instructor should specify the remaining work to be completed and the expected completion date. If the instructor submits no further outcome, an IN outcome automatically becomes a no credit outcome after 16 weeks, or earlier if the instructor has specified an earlier completion date.

(2010-2011 Undergraduate Catalog, page 75)