Degree Concentrations

Concentrations (similar to majors) may be drawn from one or more of the college's comprehensive areas of study. Within each area that you study, you may also develop a concentration that allows you to focus on a specific field. Like a major, your concentration will include a series of related studies that gives focus to your overall degree program. Examples of possible degree concentrations are available; many other concentrations are possible as well.

NOTE: Empire State College may not approve some concentrations in areas such as nursing, engineering and teaching education (professions regulated by NYS State Education Law).

Guidelines for Developing Concentrations

Empire State College has established guidelines for developing concentrations in each broad area of study. These guidelines describe the College's general expectations for the academic content of concentrations within each area. The guidelines are not a fixed set of course requirements. Many of the studies listed can be undertaken in a wide variety of ways. Please refer to Designing and Planning Your Degree for more information.