Safety Awareness

A Guide to Credit for Prior Learning

For the area of safety awareness, evaluators base their recommendations on students’ training records as well as discussions with students about their backgrounds. The evaluators assess students’ understanding of the following areas:

  • Safety in the Workplace
  • OSHA Required Training
  • Hazard Awareness Training
  • Ergonomics
  • Industrial Hygiene
  • Supervisor Safety Training

Credit in safety awareness is generally at the lower level. Students seeking upper-level credit should review the Safety Management Guide.

Discussion Topics:

Evaluators review the following bodies of learning during safety awareness interviews. At the completion of their interviews, evaluators complete the following table:

Body of LearningSeminarCertification
Hazard Communication Program    
Electrical Safety    
Asbestos Awareness    
Material Handing    
Safety Programs    
Confined Space    
First Aid    
Personal Protective Equipment    
Hearing Conservation    
Job Safety Analysis    
Industrial Hygiene    
NFPA Code Awareness    
Fire Equipment Training    
OSHA Regulations    
Hazardous Waste Training    
Motivation/Communication Skills    
Occupational Health    
Forklift Training    
Lead Awareness    
On the Job Safety Training    
Arsenic Awareness    
Microwave Safety    

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