Credit for Prior Learning

Empire State College recognizes that you may have gained college-level learning on your own, through work, community experience or individual study. Therefore, you may pursue a credit by evaluation process for college-level learning not evaluated through other means, including transcripts, standardized tests and evaluations of noncollegiate sponsored learning (such as licenses, certificates and training).

Matriculated students who successfully receive credit by evaluation for prior learning have attained skills, general knowledge or subject knowledge applicable to their degree program. Students may receive lower-level or advanced credits depending upon their demonstrated learning.

How To Request Credit by Evaluation

To request credit by evaluation, you must submit a written description of your prior learning to your mentor. Your mentor will assist you with the process of writing the description of prior learning. The document you prepare does not need to be lengthy. In fact, the Center for Distance Learning (CDL) has developed guides for some of the subjects most frequently requested by students. These guides are designed to help you determine how much credit and at what level (lower or advanced) you should request. They also include forms to describe your learning in a complete yet succinct format. Once your description is ready, your mentor will forward it to the college's Assessment Office.

An evaluator will contact you to discuss your request and help you identify your knowledge and skills applicable to your degree.

The Center for Distance Learning has prepared a detailed Guide to Credit by Evaluation for Prior Learning which provides an in-depth explanation of the evaluation process and includes a Generic Summary of Prior Learning Form.

Guides for Frequently Requested Subjects

Note: Not all subjects which may be evaluated are included in these guides. Consult your mentor about evaluation(s) of other subjects.