David Cameron, Telecommunications Technology Graduate

After graduating from high school in the late '60s, I began working on my college degree. Working full time with Western Electric, it became increasingly difficult to take college classes when I was "on the road" so often. With out of state transfers and night shift assignments, continuing to take college classes just was not possible.

When the Alliance Program was offered in 1996, it seemed too good to be true. What a great experience I had! The Alliance Program's tutors were flexible and worked with me to fit my schedule to assignment due dates. I was able to stay in touch with my advisor and tutors by using the College VAX account e-mail, telephone and fax. I enrolled in web courses when they became available. The web courses offer an environment that lets the students interact with one another and the tutor. Flexibility is a major feature of the Alliance Program.

Distance learning made it possible for me to accomplish my life's goal of earning a college degree. Receiving college credit for company training, life learning experiences, combined with my prior college credit, I needed 38 credits to complete my B.S. degree. I received a Bachelor of Science degree in science, mathematics and technology with a concentration in telecommunications technology in three and a half years by taking one or two classes per semester.

The Empire State College Alliance Program was a positive, enriching life experience; it opened my eyes to the world around me. Receiving my college degree doesn't mean I am finished learning. Life long learning will always be an important part of me.