Michael Cronin, Fire Service Administration Graduate

Like many young people, I attended college when I graduated high school. However, I left school before graduating to start a career with the New York Fire Department. Advancement in rank was determined solely by highly competitive examinations .... Not having a degree left me with a feeling of unfulfillment, however. I wanted a college degree not for what it might do for me professionally, but rather what it would do for my self-esteem.
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Pamela Field, Cross Cultural Studies Graduate

...(T)he process of ... Educational Planning served as a sort of milestone. It could be compared to collecting ... all the fruits of prior endeavors, interests, hobbies, experiences, etc., placing them all on a table and giving them form. Having created this form, with the assistance of one's mentor, enables the designing of an appropriate and exciting degree program. On a more personal level, accomplishing this review ... gave me a clearer understanding of who I am. I believe that this process would benefit anyone ... who is ... questioning their direction in life.
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Scott Stewart, Criminal Justice Graduate

It took me 12 years to get my degree, and as a cop and a military officer, I could not attend regular classes, so CDL provided a great option for me. If I did not get my four-year degree, I would have had to give up my military officer status and go back down to enlisted.
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RoseMary Myers, Current Student

I have to admit I find this method of instruction particularly helpful. When I was in school some 25 years ago, I was incredibly shy .... I could never bring myself to participate in class discussions .... These electronic discussion groups have saved me the horror I used to feel about class discussion and freed me to participate.
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Victor K. Hamilton II, Public Administration Graduate

As a husband and father of two working a full-time job, in addition to being a part-time elected official, my hopes of attending college to obtain my bachelor's degree were fading fast. The Center for Distance Learning has allowed me to obtain what I could not at a conventional college while continuing my busy life.
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Phyllis "Pepper" Meulendyk, Communicative Theory and Applications Graduate

One way that CDL helped me become more self-disciplined was by the flexibility of the class schedules. Learning to be responsible for budgeting my own time has given me a head start on the graduate experience.
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David Cameron, Telecommunications Technology Graduate

After graduating from high school in the late '60s, I began working on my college degree. Working full time with Western Electric, it became increasingly difficult to take college classes when I was "on the road" so often.... When the Alliance Program was offered in 1996, it seemed too good to be true. What a great experience I had!
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John Filliez, Current Student, Steelworkers Program

The program at CDL has been a great change in my life. After 32 years out of school, I am on my way to finishing a dream I always had.
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