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Empire State College offers more than 400 online courses in its areas of study (similar to a college major). The areas of study are listed at the right.

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This course catalog allows you to view all available courses in an area of study, including current and future offerings, to help you plan your academic program and the progress of your degree. You may also:

If the courses listed in the catalog do not meet your needs, you might also consider guided independent study (learning contracts).

All CDL Courses Meeting Gen Ed Requirements

A list of all CDL Gen Ed courses is available.

Areas of Study

We encourage you to consider courses in more than one area of study related to your personal and career interests. For example, if you are interested in business and management, you might look in two areas for courses in computers, information systems and mathematics: Business, Management and Economics or Science, Mathematics and Technology. Likewise, if you choose a concentration in Community and Human Services, you might wish to take courses in Human Development or Social Science. Keep in mind we list courses in only one area of study, so you will find a particular course listed in only one location. View sample degree programs.

Course Numbering System

Please read the explanation of the course numbering system to help you to choose courses.

Technical Requirements and Course Prerequisites

Be sure to read the catalog listing carefully. It lets you know if the course has any special technical or software requirements. The catalog listing will inform you of any prerequisites and may have a self-quiz that you can take to determine if you have the background knowledge for the course.


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Course Descriptions by Area of Study and Degree Programs

The Arts

Business, Management and Economics

Accounting, Business, Economics, Human Resources, Management, Marketing

Communications, Humanities and Cultural Studies

Communications and Media, Educational Planning Skills and Investigations courses, Humanities, Languages, Literature, Philosophy, Religious Studies

Community and Human Services

Criminal Justice/Homeland Security, Emergency Management, Fire Protection, Health Services, Human Services, Public Affairs

Educational Studies

Educational Planning Courses for Planning & Finalizing the Degree

Historical Studies

History and Civilizations, Historical and Political Science, U.S. History

Human Development

Family/Gender Studies, Human Development, Psychology

Labor Studies


Public Affairs

Science, Mathematics and Technology

Computers and Information Systems, Educational Planning Courses for Skills and Investigations, Emergency Management, Mathematics, Quantitative Studies, Science

Social Science

Political Science, Public Affairs, Sociology