Undergraduate Areas of Study

Math Resources

If math is not your favorite word on earth, but your mentor told you to come here, read on.

  • Ask Dr. Math
    This site is helpful if you have a specific question. You can search the archives for your answer, or just ask. A "real" person will answer you. Math faculty volunteer to serve as "Dr. Math."
  • Platonic Realms
    This site includes math links as well as "minitext." There is a "minitext" about math anxiety.
  • Mathmatters
    The goal of Math Matters is to help students develop a solid math foundation and prevent math anxiety.
  • Math in Daily Life
    Yes, math is part of daily life and this well-written site will give you lots of fun examples to prove it.
  • DAU Tutorial Modules
    This site provides some tutorials in basic math and statistics. It is associated with The Defense Acquisition University of George Mason University, Va.