Standardized Tests

Credit by Examination

There are many standardized examinations intended for adults who have learned in nontraditional ways. Several programs that offer exams are:

You should consider carefully whether some of these testing opportunities might help you to document prior college-level learning. Examinations are available in a wide range of academic disciplines in the humanities, social sciences, business, natural sciences and mathematics, and professional and vocational areas. Many Excelsior College Examinations offer upper level credit. 

Most tests offered through these programs are multiple choice, although some have essay components. Study material is available for most examinations. Fees vary, but can be an excellent savings, even in contrast to Empire State College's modest tuition. Empire State College students often achieve scores that yield credit. 

Please note: Empire State College's CEEB code is 2214. Some examination applications may ask you to supply this code to permit the transmission of score reports to the college.