Generic Evaluations

Noncollegiate-Sponsored Learning or "Generics"

Students can earn credit for learning derived from educational experiences (such as training programs, licenses, certifications, etc.) that already have been pre-evaluated and for which credit can be awarded without additional evaluation by the College. Students identify potentially usable credit for:

It is important to remember that evaluations result in credit recommendations only. Empire State College accepts the credit recommendations for each student and awards advanced standing credit in the context of a degree program when:

  • learning components make sense within the context of the student's degree program;
  • learning components do not duplicate other credits in the degree program;
  • the student completed the learning at the same location and during the exact time period covered by the evaluation and credit recommendation;
  • official documentation is received directly by the College from the issuing agency or organization.

Official Documentation

The College requires official documents to support students' requests for advanced standing credit. Official transcripts and documents must come to Empire State College directly from the issuing agency or institution and have an official seal (or agency letterhead) and signature. Each section in this brochure includes information about appropriate sources and types of official documentation required. Students should request that all official documents be sent to: 
Office of Admissions 
Empire State College
2 Union Avenue
Saratoga Springs, NY 12866-4390

For further information on having military training evaluated see: Procedure for Obtaining Official Military Documentation.

Note that transcripts and other documents issued to students (even with official seal and signature) are unacceptable as official. However, such documents may help in preliminary discussions with a mentor or advisor.

Empire State College Generic Evaluations

In the Empire State College generic evaluation process, the College has identified and evaluated standard educational experiences and recommended credit equivalents. Generic evaluations result in recommendations of credit potentially available for Empire State College degree planning purposes. The College evaluates licenses, certificates and training programs and courses sponsored by noncollegiate organizations.

Empire State College has generic evaluations for the following licenses, certificates, training activities and apprenticeships:
  • Carpenter Apprenticeships (NYC District Council)
  • Credentialed Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Counselor (CASAC) 
  • Emergency Medical Technician Certification (EMT/AEMT)
  • Insurance Licenses (New York State)
  • National Council Licensure Examination (NCLEX)
  • NYC Police Department Promotional Exams
  • NYS/CSEA Apprenticeship Training
  • Parker Training Academy, NYS Office for Children and Family Services
  • Plumber Apprenticeships ( NYC Local 1 and 2)
  • Radiologic Technology License
  • Real Estate Licenses (New York and other states)
  • Series 7 Stockbrokers License: General Securities Registered Representative (FINRA)
  • Stationary Engineers Apprenticeships (NYC Local 30)
  • Steamfitter Apprenticeships (NYC Local 638)
  • US Army Child, Youth and School Services

Empire State College has some older generics that are no longer accepted. Check with your mentor to learn more.