Academy for Lifelong Learning

Anniversary Congratulatory Messages

NYS Legislative Resolution Commemorating A.L.L.'s 20th Anniversary: Leg Res 6-11-12.pdf (PDF  2,084kB)

Congratulatory letter from Congressman Chis Gibson: Congressional Support Letter (PDF  67kB)

Congratulatory letter from Senator Kirsten Gillibrand: Support Letter from Senator Gillibrand (PDF  270kB)

Congratulatory message from Nancy Merz-Nordstrom, Director, Elderhostel Institute Network: EIN Anniversary Article (PDF  29kB)

Congratulatory message from Alan Davis, President, SUNY Empire State College: President Alan Davis congratulations.pdf (PDF  123kB)

Congratulatory message from Hugh Hammett, Vice President for External Affairs, SUNY Empire State College: Hugh Hammett ALL message 6-2012 (PDF  95kB)

Congratulatory message from Mary Caroline Powers, Vice President for Communications and Government Relations, SUNY Empire State College: Mary Caroline Powers message (PDF  63kB)

Elderhostel Institute Network Congratulatory Cirtificate (PDF  129kB)

(You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader version 2.0 or higher to use these documents.)