Affirmative Action Office

Employee Reasonable Accommodations

The Empire State College Employee Reasonable Accommodation Policy ensures the college's compliance with federal, state and local laws pertaining to the rights of potential and current employees with disabilities. 

Requesting an Accommodation

An employee may request minor informal accommodations directly with their respective dean or vice president. Informal requests are not considered official, do not establish a record and are not subject to laws pertaining to the rights for persons with disabilities.

All requests for formal accommodations must be submitted to the affirmative action officer.

Medical documentation may be required to substantiate a medical condition or disability.

Please refer to the Employee Reasonable Accommodation Policy for complete information on:

  • procedures for requesting an accommodation
  • process for reviewing accommodation requests
  • appealing an accommodation determination
  • process for implementing and accommodation request.

Information about the policy and procedures for accommodating students with disabilities is available on the Collegewide Disability Services website.


Employee Request Form (PDF  42kB)

Documentation of Disability Form for Physician (PDF  122kB)

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