OAA Staff Listing and Contact Information

Alfred Ntoko, provost/vice president for academic affairs
518-587-2100, ext. 2263 alfred.ntoko@esc.edu

Lorrie Anthony, director of sponsored programs
518-587-2100, ext. 2358 lorrie.anthony@esc.edu

Sarah Cronin, secretary to the provost/vice president for academic affairs
518-587-2100, ext. 2872 sarah.cronin@esc.edu

Pat DeCoster, executive assistant to provost/VPAA
518-580-2937 pat.decoster@esc.edu

Shelley Dixon, acting assistant vice president for academic programs
518-587-2100, ext. 2872 shelley.dixon@esc.edu

Mary Edinburgh, college registrar
518-587-2100, ext. 2205 mary.edinburgh@esc.edu

Brian Goodale, director of academic development
518-587-2100, ext. 2580 brian.goodale@esc.edu

Kelly Hermann, director of disability services
518-587-2100, ext. 2201 kelly.hermann@esc.edu

Janay Jackson, governance secretary
518-587-2100, ext. 2380 janay.jackson@esc.edu

Katherine Jelly, director, Center for Mentoring and Learning
518-587-2100, ext. 2836 katherine.jelly@esc.edu

Marjorie Lavin, vice provost for academic development
518-587-2100, ext. 2872 marjorie.lavin@esc.edu

John Lawless, director of outcomes assessment
518-587-2100, ext. 2465 john.lawless@esc.edu

Alan Mandell, college professor of adult learning and mentoring
518-587-2100, ext. 2731 alan.mandell@esc.edu

Patricia Myers, director of collegewide student services
518-587-2100, ext. 2201 patricia.myers@esc.edu

Dawn Riley, director of strategic planning
518-587-2100, ext. 2597 dawn.riley@esc.edu

Nan Travers, director, Office of Collegewide Academic Review
518-587-2100, ext. 2728 nan.travers@esc.edu