OAA Organization Chart Text Version

Long Description of OAA Organization Chart

Acting Provost/Vice President Academic Affairs Deborah Amory

Secretary to the Provost Suzanne DeWeese

Governance Secretary Janay Jackson

Acting Dean Center for Graduate Programs Tai Arnold

Dean of Nursing M. Bridget Nettleton

Assistant to the Provost/VPAA (vacant)

Director of Academic Development Brian Goodale

Director of Strategic Technology Planning for OAA (vacant)

Instructional Designer Chi-Hua Tseng

Director of Student Services Patricia Myers

Director of Disability Services Kelly Hermann

Disability Service Specialist (vacant)

Secretary I Kelly Williams

Senior Staff Assistant Danielle Benedict

Health and Wellness Coordinator Andy Binder

Director of Corporate and Military Programs Linda Frank

Project Coordinator Susan Bruce

Operations and Communication Coordinator Mindy Boenning

Academic Advisor Desiree Drindak

Staff Assistant William Mayeaux

Staff Assistant William Yaeger

Staff Assistant Lauren Wynn

Staff Assistant Charles Van Vorst

Secretary I Janice Hopkins

Vice Provost Marjorie Lavin

Secretary I (vacant)

College Registrar Mary Edinburgh

Records Specialist Alison Brust

Assistant Registrar Jessica Lansing

Secretary I Michelle Davis

Office Manager Gary Dibble

Director of Collegewide Academic Review Nan Travers

Secretary I Dareth McKenna

Academic Review Specialist Joe Villa

Senior Academic Review Specialist  (vacant)

Senior Academic Review Specialist Amanda Treadwell

Senior Academic Review Specialist Jessica McCaffery

Director Collegewide Academic Support (vacant)

Dean of the Harry Van Arsdale Center for Labor Studies Michael Merrill

Dean of the Center for Distance Learning Thomas Mackey

Acting Director for International Programs Gavin Lowder

Dean of the Hudson Valley Center Gary Lacy

Dean of the Long Island Center Michael Spitzer

Dean of the Metropolitan Center Cynthia Ward

Dean of the Central New York Center Nikki Shrimpton

Dean of the Genesee Valley Center Jonathan Franz

Dean of the Northeast Center Gerald Lorentz

Dean of the Niagara Frontier Center Nan DiBello

Acting Vice Provost Robert Clougherty

Secretary I Melissa Krug

Director of Corporate and Community Partnerships Lisa Sax Mahoney

Director of the Center for Mentoring and Learning Kathy Jelly

KBS II Terri Hilton

Faculty Development Coordinator Karen LaBarge

College Professor of Adult Learning and Mentoring Alan Mandell

Acting Assistant Vice President Shelley Dixon

Secretary I Sarah Cronin

Academic Projects Coordinator Jennifer DeCrescenzo

Vice Provost (vacant)

Program Aide (vacant)